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for you, anon. this is actually a clear picture, i am simply very grainy.

Hey, I don't really know anyone that's T I think but I just wanna say you're really inspirational and are a great example to anyone that feels uncomfortable about how they're feeling. You're like the light at the end of the tunnel and show people how effective and beautiful you can be if you accept who you are. I don't really know you but I really respect you.

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by T i’m assuming you mean trans. i don’t often talk about my experience of being transsexual, but i don’t hide that aspect of myself, either. i don’t want to seem put off, though; i really appreciate this message, so thank you.

that said, i suppose i could speak a bit to my own experience of being transsexual: i’m not trying to be an inspiration or an example, and i truthfully don’t believe i’m at the end of my tunnel yet (or that i ever will be? i don’t know.), but i don’t mind being someone’s example or inspiration, especially if they’re dealing with their own gender/sex dysphoria. when i first began my transition, i definitely looked to others in a similar position for information, an idea of what i could experience, of what physical transition can look like, and they were big comforts to me. i think the most amazing thing that has come from transitioning, for me, is self-congruity. i feel like a singular person, and i feel whole. my brain recognizes my body, and in turn, society recognizes my body in a way that is congruous with my brain. this has freed me up to finally be myself—a self removed (but not separate) from gender and sex— but who i am in addition to all that, which is (i think?) what most people strive for, trans or cis. i feel very lucky to be who and where i am today.

i guess that was a bit more than you bargained for in writing this message, haha. well, i hope you are well and again, thank you for writing this; it’s been a long time since i thought critically about my transsexuality.

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